Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Does anybody know where I can find...

I recently watched the Marc Jacobs X Louis Vuitton documentary (I am eternally in your debt Marc!) and saw this beautiful gorgeous bag ( the macaroon bag). I am wondering where to get this because I have already googled it...maybe it was never released? I don't know. But I still j'adore it. Huh...not unusual...now im craving Ladurée...have to order Another box! ($51 a week to satisfy my infatuation with macaroons!) And does anybody know a more local, stateside place that ships macaroons (im in the USA). BUT the macaroons HAVE to be as good as Ladurée. 
Thank all you wonderful, beautiful people that take your time to read my Blog. 

Stephanie Rose
(ooh! and BryanBoy....you rock!)

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