Monday, March 9, 2009

Knock Off!

So I was looking through gorgeous scarves on Polyvore and I came across this gorgeous Gucci floral one. I have a real weakness for florals so I was exited and then I found the talbots one which looks a little too close to the Gucci's design for comfort. And although the prints on the Gucci are So much better than the Talbots knockoff the Talbots one is only $59 while the Gucci is $227 so I know which one I'd pick. Do you think it is right of Talbots to so blatantly rip off Gucci's design? 


  1. yeah i come across stuff like that all the time on polyvore!

  2. Thanks for sweet comment <3<3

    Here is the link, to my new blog ;)
    check it out and let me know what you think ;P

    xoxo L.

  3. Hey, the Gucci one isn't THAT expensive, is it? Plus, a scarf like that is something you'd use forever. Think of it as an investment!